Why Japanese Style

How did I find myself doing Acupuncture ~ Japanese Style?

Though I have studied many and different acupuncture techniques such as

  • Scalp acupuncture
  • Master Tung’s acupuncture system
  • Richard Tan’s Balancing system
  • Prof. Mussat’s Energetics of living systems
  • and more

…only when I came across Japanese acupuncture and especially Sensei Kiiko Matsumoto’s work that I finally found my path.

Though all other systems that I learnt and practiced are very useful and potent yielding excellent therapeutic results, the Japanese system stood out in a very different way.

Here there was a system of diagnosis and treatment; that in real time (next to the treatment bed) can access and verify my treatment strategy and method, point selection, diagnosis, point location, and treatment plan.
This gave me great relief and great confidence; since until I found this system and mastered it. I found myself hoping that treatment was correct, diagnosis was right, point selection was wise etc.

Besides pulse diagnosis, which I admit, I am no master in pulse diagnosis; there was really no way I could know whether my treatment was correct or not. I found myself hoping, waiting anxiously for next week’s appointment and I did not like this.

Practicing Acupuncture ~ Japanese Style gave me great confidence; since with this system I know right away that I am on the right track.

By using Abdominal diagnosis and other body reflex points, I actually find myself learning from every patient what is right for him, what the treatment of choice is, and which acupuncture points and strategies are the most useful right now, on the treatment table.

I found myself thinking a lot less and listening and feeling a lot more. And the greatest thing about it is; that it is actually fairly easy and straight forward.

So I welcome you to this wonderful world of Acupuncture ~ Japanese Style. It is my passion to make acupuncture for acupuncturists easy to use, simple and straight forward, yet precise, accurate and highly effective.

This system will make your work at your clinic magical finding the root of problems through palpation diagnosis, and closing the practice at the end of the day knowing that treatment was effective.